Our Mission- in a word "People"

Enhancement Resources Limited exists to provide and deliver resources to
corporate and individual customers so that people of all abilities may discover
their true worth and potential and achieve all that they are capable of.

Why "People"?

We believe that there is added value in the for individuals and business in the development and nurture of people.  We like to use the word people because
it is people that are the past present and future of our world, of business and
of the our communities.  When people become all that they are capable of
becoming, we all benefit from each part of their success.  We invite you to
browse our web site and discover how people have been developed and
nurtured through the services of Enhancement Resources Limited.

"People"- our clients

Our range of services are used by many individuals and institutions.  Below
are just some of the people and services that we have worked with:

To find out more information on these services and how they could benefit
yourself or your organisation and clients, please contact us by
telephone on
01442 231630,
fax on 01442 213136 or email at info@erl96.com.