Client and Customer Comments

“The course was well received by all those who attended and it was clearly
of great help to our staff who have been unfortunate to find themselves
without a job” 

Simon &  Schuster International Group 

“The best professional standards have been ably supported by qualified &
enthusiastic staff who take time and effort to understand”
Sappi Europe - Personnel Officer

“The advice, support and encouragement received during a difficult time
has been excellent”

Kodak - Manager

Feedback from Course Evaluations

“it has made me become more confident in myself”

 “made me believe in myself and know I can learn and achieve new skills”

 “I now feel I can produce a positive CV and feel very enthusiastic about it”

 “Enjoyed the course very much and has given me more confidence to look ahead”

 “particularly enjoyed the assertiveness course”

 “I really enjoyed this course.  It has helped me a lot”