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Enhancement Resources Limited is an accredited  Early Years
Care and Education NVQ Centre for Edexcel.

Enhancement Resources Limited provides NVQ Level 2 Early Years Care and
training and assessment.  A specially tailored version of
this material is used to deliver parenting courses and provide an
 introduction to the Early Years Level 2 NVQ.

1.  Introduction to Early Years Care & Education/Parenting Courses

This is a six week course which introduces candidates to the subject of Early
 Years Childcare.  It is designed as a taster course for people considering Early
Years Childcare as a career.  It is also a stand alone course which can be very
helpful in giving parents a far greater understanding of their children's
development in the early years and provides a much appreciated toolkit for
parents to use in the home.

Subjects covered include:

2.  NVQ Level 2- Early Years Care and Education

This course is a work based course which is aimed at providing candidates
with the first formal qualification for a career in Early Years Care and Education.

The course is provided with support from tutors and assessors, and workshops
specifically to ensure all Knowledge and Understanding is covered along with
continuous supervision and support for the candidates' portfolio of competency.

Subjects covered include:

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